We are Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporters of Vacuum Pans, Food Processing MAchinery from Satara, Maharashtra, India.

Vacuum Pans are designed to modulate the evaporation of fruit juices / pulps in batch form. These are equipped with efficient vacuum pump and cooling system for product vapours. Vacuum pans we design are efficient to recover aroma in liquid form so that aroma can be readded to product.

We supply customised vacuum pans depending on product quality, with more outputs.

Also the technology we provide operates and regulates the system in such a way that there is

  1. No discoloration of product
  2. No alteration in nutrient values
  3. and No flavour Loss.

The design of machine helps to maintain Hygienic food standards as per international food safety norms . Vacuum Pans can be easily integrated to other machines like sterilizers, Filling machines etc...


Capacity: 100LPH to 1000LPH of water evaporation
MOC: SS304/SS316
Application: Tomato paste plants (Batch type), Fruit pulps, Ketch up and jam
Industries: Tomato paste plants, Mango bar plants, Small scale plants
Description: Good machine for small scale industries. It is concentrator with batch type application. It includes heating of product through jacket or separate heat exchanger. Water evaporation done in vacuum system. Barometric or shell and tube type condenser provided. Suitable cooling tower and circulation pumps.