We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Pomegranate Juice Processing Machinery, Line, Plants, Machines, Pomegranate Peeling and Deseeding Machines, Pomegranate Seed Extractor, Pomegranate Peeler or Deseeder Machines, Pomegranate Extraction Machines from Satara, Maharashtra, India.

The challenge of / finding of fruit peel particles, crushing of seed etc in final product , are utmost taken care off while designing the machines . Our technology delivers peel free, seed free product which alternatively improves and retains flavour and taste of product.

The machines are designed to minimise the time of CIP . Energy conservation is also taken care off to reduce the cost of utility.

We also provide solutions / technology to upgrade / enhance the existing process/machine to increase the output marginally and/ or to improve the product Quality Our speciality is to provide close loop design to protect the product from any external impurities.

Capacity: 1 to 10MT/Hr
Application: Pomegranate Dee-peeling, Juice extraction
Description: We provide the set of machinery (Pomegranate Dee-Peeler, Transfer Screw Conveyor and Continuous screw press) for pomegranate grain separation and cloudy juice extraction with cheaper prices compare to imported machinery.
Machinery: Pomegranate Dee-Peeler, Transfer Screw Conveyor and Continuous Screw Press