We are Manufacturer, Supplier And Exporter of Fully Automated PLC Based Concentrators And Evaporators, Vacuum Evaporator for Fruit Juice, Tomato Puree, Mango Pulp Processing Plants, Tomato Puree Food Processing Machinery from Satara, Maharashtra, India. Basic purpose of evaporation is to reduce percentage of water in product without troubling / altering the nutrient content of basic fruit. Also the technology we provide operates and regulates the system in such a way that there is

  1. No discoloration of product
  2. No alteration in nutrient values
  3. and No flavour Loss. The design of machine helps to maintain Hygienic food standards as per international food safety norms.

The evaporators / Concentrators can be easily programmed / customised and integrated with any machine like preheater, steriliser and filling machines as per customer need / requirements.
The machines are designed to minimise the time of CIP. Energy conservation is also taken care off to reduce the cost of utility. We also provide solutions / technology to upgrade / enhance the existing process/machine to increase the output marginally and/ or to improve the product Quality


Capacity: 1000 Ltrs to 10000Ltrs Water Evaporation (Customized Range)
MOC: SS304/SS316
Application: Mango Pulp, Tomato Paste, Guava Pulp etc. viscous pulps/juices
Industries: Fruit pulp aseptic plants, Tomato Paste plants etc.
Description: It is designed for fruit pulps and tomato paste as per final product requirement (14°Bx. Or 28°Bx etc.). It is may be single stage or multi stage as per water evaporation required. It is energy efficient system and product quality, color do not disturb.