We are Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Powder Dissolver Systems, Plants, Food Processing Machinery from Satara, Maharshtra, India.

These are designed to dissolve high chemical bonding powder like Xanthum Gum,Starch,Pectin which are being used in production of Ketchups, Sauces,
Jams, Jellies etc. High shear mixers can mix/dissolve gel forming powders efficiently. The final mixture will be homogeneous with No separation of fatty layers even at low temperatures.

Capacity: 500Ltrs to 10000Ltrs
Application: Sugar syrup, Zantham Gum, Starch etc.
Industries: Fruit pulp plants, Juice plants, Coconut milk plants
Description: System with high shear mixer. It is fully automatic or semiautomatic or Manual as per requirement. It includes insulated tank with high speed agitator, powder/Sugar loading bin with hopper, high shear mixer, Heating system and cooling system for product. Totally skid mounted system