We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Fruit Pulp Processing Plants, Mango Pulp, Papaya Pulp, Guava Puree / Concentrates, Pulp & Concentrate Processing Plants, Tomato Puree Processing Plant, Tomato Paste, Mango Processing Plants, Machinery, from Satara, Maharashtra, India. We provide the machines/Plants for for fruit processing starting from Unloading/Receiving of fruit untill final packing/Filling of products.

The fruit plants majorly includes machines like

  1. Fruit Unloader
  2. Fruit dumping machine
  3. Washing tanks equipped with recirculation and air blowers
  4. Clated Elevators
  5. Conveyer belts
  6. Destoners, Crushers
  7. Pulper , Finishers
  8. Screw conveyers
  9. Blending tanks,Mixing tanks
  10. Preheater
  11. Pasteurizer
  12. Sterilizer
  13. Pouch filling machines
  14. and Utilities

The machines are designed within stipulated norms of all food safety standards and legel govt legislations.

We believe in day to day upgradation as per current trends /requirements and can deliver customised operational process and machines.

We guide /provide the solutions to customer to decide the standard and capacities of utility required.


Capacity: 1 to 10MT/Hr (Pulp)
Application: Mango, Papaya, guava, tomato, Pomegranate etc fruits
Description: We provide complete solution for plants which carries works like layout design for machinery, Utility piping, product piping etc, machinery design and manufacturing. Utility selections as per plant capacity. Installation and commissioning of plants.
Pulp and juice plant